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"Using Data to Drive Your Instruction" is based on 12+ years of research and classroom application, with incredible results.  Her workshops are based on the book,
The 5-Step Way to Raise Test Scores,
authored by Pam East, outlining the basic steps of analyzing a variety of student data and then using that information to drive your classroom instruction.  Teachers and administrators leave the workshop with analyzed student data in hand ready to address student and class needs the very next day!  Responding to Tennessee’s latest requirements of "closing the achievement gaps" Pam helped lead her school to close those gaps to "single digits" and even "reversed" a gap in the process. An incredible achievement in itself!


"Using Data to Drive Your Instruction," one of Pam's workshops, is easy and practical when you start with a few basics like charting students' scores, identifying classroom needs, and then pinpointing individual strengths and weaknesses.  This process assists teachers in addressing whole group instruction as well as addressing individual student needs, therefore, meeting the specific student needs, rather than teaching a set curriculum. 


After compiling the Class Data Folder at the workshop, you are able to form appropriate groups in a matter of moments, determine peers to assist in the learning and strengthening of skills, and know exactly  who needs which skills.  No spending forever on a skill students already know!



Pam, having presented at both national and state conferences motivates teachers with practical, simple strategies for analyzing scores and then responding to the data.


As you see below, Pam has been described as an energetic, inspirational educator when it comes to the tough topic of "testing." She relates to educators and knows the stresses and challenges of being a teacher because she has been one for more than 25 years and has walked in YOUR shoes!"

"Pam’s passion for sharing her knowledge and experiences has been so uplifting! 2 days was not enough!"
~Lewis County Schools

"Loved the detailed explanations of data and how you broke down each chart/report. Great, useful information!"
~Henry County Schools

"Extremely helpful for me to integrate vital information about data with practical approaches to leadership. Wish I could shadow you for a year!"
~Chester County Schools

"Amazing, simple, yet so necessary when trying to meet the needs of ALL students! Best PD ever!!!"
~Hardin County Schools